Release or Break

I think that maybe my word of the year should be Release. As in releasing pain, releasing stress, releasing negativity… Then again Break might be good too. As in taking a break, breaking down walls, making a break through. I know I need all of those descriptions in both ideas but I haven’t figured a way to use one word to describe each action. Although I’d be scared to use Break as my word as breaking an arm/leg/collarbone would use that word and I would definitely NOT want any of those.
In this moment I want a word that I can use and meditate on in a way to remove the pain from my ankle and a migraine from my head (second in two days). Hmmm

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One Response to “Release or Break”

  1. Michelle Halpern Says:

    Release is the moment at the end of MSCL when Angela takes her hands off the handlebars and simply glides downhill on the bike.

    Break is… when she sees Jordan and Rayanne together.

    Break is negative, destructive. Necessary, yes, but as you said, you want to be wary of breaking bones or having a break down.

    Release is a lot more positive. Letting go of something, but on your own terms. You are taking the power and claiming it as your own.

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