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Self-Nourishing Wish

February 28, 2013

Today is Wishcasting Wednesday again at Jamie Ridler Studios!  Today is the day for self-nourishment wishes.  But being that today is actually Thursday, I’m going to change it up a little and send a bunch those wishes towards my mom and my sister as well as to myself.


I wish to nourish myself.
I wish to be like that ^ picture.
I wish to eat healthy foods.
I wish to develop a taste for more healthy foods.
I wish to start an exercise program that is consistent and enjoyable.
I wish to read more (for fun) and enjoy what I read.
I wish to take time off from work and business to enjoy time to just be.
I wish to spend more time with my family.

I wish self-nourishment for my mother.
I wish her swift hands, good judgement, precision and success in her surgeon during the surgery she is having right now.
I wish her endless healing energy and quick recovery.
I wish her easy and painless movement in her shoulder in the near future.
I wish her all the good things in life that she deserves.

I wish self nourishment for my sister.
I wish her a mental break from the stresses of her life.
I wish her relaxation.
I wish her happiness (and natural weight loss!).
I wish her endless healing energy to use on whomever she chooses.

self nourish



February 21, 2013

I first heard that term several months ago when I discovered Rachelle Mee-Chapman, a formerly ordained minister, and current Magpie Girl.  Pretty much, my understanding of the idea is that someone can be religious or they can be spiritual but usually the beliefs will differ greatly.  Instead, someone who is relig-ish believes in a variety of things that are a mash-up of religion and spirituality but can not choose to completely forego their beliefs of one in order to fully fit the other.  Rachelle’s explanation is here (I think I watched the video once but I don’t remember and my definition may vary greatly from hers).  She has an interesting way of seeing the world so I love getting emails from her several times a week so that I can look at the world in different ways too!


Anyways, I think that’s me.  Growing up, I remember that we went to a Catholic Church and I attended CCD.  Then something happened and we stopped going for a few years.  Then we went back.  Maybe it was that break that kept me from taking everything I was told and ingraining it in my mind and soul.  Or maybe it was my sister researching Wiccan and I also found it fascinating until she was told she could not do her Confirmation until she stopped looking at those sites/ message boards.  Or maybe it was because Daddy is Atheist so I knew there were other beliefs out there that differed from Catholicism.  Either way, I have never been able to believe everything that the Church told me.

At one point, I was part of the Goddess Circle – notice the word “Goddess” and you may be able to figure out where the Church would stand on that.  I also think that the tarot and psychics and sometimes karma are relevant ideas.

After my aunt died while I was in college, I stopped going to Church.  Previously, I sometimes took a break due to school and whatnot, but I usually attended.  I was even part of the teen choir and sang every Sunday for the 12:00pm mass.  But I tried to go back several times after my aunt died and I could not stop crying.  I just stopped trying to go.

But tonight, 8 or so years later, I attended a Catholic gathering.  A friend of mine is in a young adult group.  After meeting for business, I invited myself along to her group.  It wasn’t in a Church, but it was in a Catholic retreat center that I’d been to in the past for retreats.  There was prayer and worship and theology.  I enjoyed most of it, but I know my opinion differed from the crowd when they approached the sensitive topics (homosexuality and abortion).  Luckily, they didn’t say anything against me as a person (i.e. opinions on the idea of living with a significant other while unmarried) but, based on the conversation, I recognize that I’m no longer religious but instead relig-ish.  I believe in the power of that altar from a few years ago, but I also felt something at the beginning of worship.  The only explanation I can give (that even sounds far-fetched to me since I don’t remember ever feeling it before) is that it felt like the Holy Spirit had come to visit me

So I guess this post is a big thank you to Nicole (who probably won’t see this) for the opportunity to attend the group and the newer religious stuff, to Michelle for helping return me to religion as a kid but also showing me spirituality and a lot of non-religious stuff, and to Rachelle for having a website and blog that speaks to the act of uniting the two.

Writing Prompts…

February 21, 2013

So this morning I searched for writing prompts and one I liked was on which seems to be to help parents/teachers inspire kids to write, but it was actually relevant to anyone:

Motivated Monday
Tell a Story Tuesday
Descriptive Writing Wednesday
Compose a Poem Thursday
Friendly Friday
Supportive Saturday
Sunday’s End of the Week Reflection

Each prompt was used throughout the month but each specific use of the prompt (a quick description) was different each week.

If you know a good prompt website, let me know!

Welcoming Wish

February 20, 2013

As I previously mentioned, one of the reasons I came back to the blogosphere (I’m sure there’s a “proper” spelling for that somewhere though I’m seeing it underlined in evil misspelling red squiggly) is to participate in Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday blog prompts.  I used to participate in this funny little thing called Goddess Circle by the beautiful Leonie Dawson.  It was really a fun experience for awhile, but then it really grew and took off.  It no longer was this comfy cozy little circle.  It grew to be huge-mongous.  I still subscribe to Leonie’s blog, but I think I was in the circle for only one year.

Luckily, even though I’m no longer in the Goddess Circle, Leonie is great at giving people the low-down on lots of glorious interesting amazing things they can participate in and get edumacated absolutely *F*R*E*E*.  I’m pretty sure that it was one of those event where I first discovered the lovely Miss Jamie Ridler.  This video (Creative Living Practice: Dance Through Resistance) is the first thing I remember ever seeing from her and it made me happy and got me to subscribe to her newsletter and smile everytime I see it in my inbox!


For my FIRST EVER Wishcasting Wednesday post (so exciting!)


What do I wish to welcome in?

I think that the thing I want to welcome in the most is the future.  I used to be afraid of the future and so wrapped up in myself or my life that I was scared of what the future would bring.  But now I am excited by the future.  I’ve learned that it can be exciting and it can completely change your outlook.  I know that my future has many probabilities but it is also FILLED with POSSIBILITIES!  I am thrilled to have my boyfriend and my business, both of which came since that Goddess Altar a few years back, and both of which fill my life now and in the future.  I now wish to welcome the future.  But I also wish to welcome other things.  I wish to welcome love.  I wish to welcome wealth.  I wish to welcome a new home.  I wish to welcome marriage.  I wish to welcome travel.  I wish to welcome early retirement.  I wish to welcome health and healing to my family and friends.  I wish to welcome satisfaction.  I wish to welcome clarity.  I wish to welcome open-mindedness.  I wish to welcome new business partners.  I wish to welcome truth.  I wish to welcome wisdom.  I wish to welcome all the gifts that I’m meant to have in my life.  I wish to welcome fitness.  I wish to welcome an enjoyment of exercise and sport.  The following photo pretty much sums it all up…


What do you wish to welcome in?  (Thanks Jamie for the awesome and inspiring prompt!)