Self-Nourishing Wish

Today is Wishcasting Wednesday again at Jamie Ridler Studios!  Today is the day for self-nourishment wishes.  But being that today is actually Thursday, I’m going to change it up a little and send a bunch those wishes towards my mom and my sister as well as to myself.


I wish to nourish myself.
I wish to be like that ^ picture.
I wish to eat healthy foods.
I wish to develop a taste for more healthy foods.
I wish to start an exercise program that is consistent and enjoyable.
I wish to read more (for fun) and enjoy what I read.
I wish to take time off from work and business to enjoy time to just be.
I wish to spend more time with my family.

I wish self-nourishment for my mother.
I wish her swift hands, good judgement, precision and success in her surgeon during the surgery she is having right now.
I wish her endless healing energy and quick recovery.
I wish her easy and painless movement in her shoulder in the near future.
I wish her all the good things in life that she deserves.

I wish self nourishment for my sister.
I wish her a mental break from the stresses of her life.
I wish her relaxation.
I wish her happiness (and natural weight loss!).
I wish her endless healing energy to use on whomever she chooses.

self nourish


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