:( = Opportunity

On Wednesday, February 27, I posted this status on Facebook: 

😦 = opportunity. So turn that frown upside down and get moving!

I have a LOT of jobs right now.  Currently, 3 of my 5 part time positions are paid by the same non-profit organization (payroll, secretary, closing a child company).  The previous week, the government announced that it was cutting funding towards my organization and others like it.  The next next day we had a “town hall meeting” for most of the administrative staff (other parts of the organization met at different times) and I heard that the board was implementing a hiring freeze for administration.  Considering one of my positions is as a temporary employee in payroll and that they wanted me to get permanent status, I immediately wondered what this meant for me.  It took a few days, but on Wednesday, the Director of finance (oversees Payroll) was able to speak with our Acting Executive Director (acting because the Executive Director died in January) and it was confirmed.  I would not be able to become permanent in payroll.

The opportunity part comes into play because a different part of the organization needs a full-time Administrative Assistant.  This is a brand new position and is actually multiple steps up from my secretary position.  I do not know how stable it will be with the budget cuts, but I was encouraged to apply.  Driving home from work on Wednesday I received a phone call to set up an interview for this position (TODAY!!!).  I am planning to see if it is anticipated to remain as a stable job.

On Thursday, Momma had surgery.  I had attended her appointment prior to the surgery (weeks ago) and the doctor, for whom I had previously worked, mentioned an open position in the company and encouraged me to use his name and apply.  After the surgery, he updated us on her condition and asked me for an update on my application.  Since I had not heard back, he suggested I contact the company again.  I emailed my resume again but copied him on the email.  That afternoon, I got a call to set up an interview (TOMORROW) for another full-time position.

Two interviews in two days?  I’m a bag of nerves now.  I know that this is an opportunity, but I am really hoping to do well today and tomorrow.  There are no guarantees in life, but it would be nice to have a full-time job with benefits…


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