So I’m still at the same job but they had me working a third position for 10 weeks. It was only supposed to be 2 weeks, but it continued indefinitely despite then hiring someone to take the 3rd position 6 weeks into it. Having the third position screwed with my mind way too much. I am really good at compartmentalizing, but that wasn’t allowed as each position asked me questions while I was working other positions. I was constantly stressed out, gained weight (while on a fitness challenge, no less), was too stressed to go to the gym (which I just joined in March), and had no time to go to one of my jobs located an hour away or to work there at all.

So I got an employment agency to say they’d find me a job and quit the crazy busy job as of June 21. The finance department didn’t like that and offered me a full time position at 30 hours per week with benefits – continuing to work 2 positions. Basically, they gave me what I asked for in March.  So the new change is instead effective June 24 but I was on vacation starting June 21.  I’m so excited because it means (despite being on vacation at start of job) I will get Holiday pay for July 4/5!  Plus they were in open enrollment and told me that I could sign up immediately instead of waiting 3-6 months so I have insurance now too!!!!

Of course one of my bosses was let go last week so I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, but for the moment it looks good….


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